The Power of Herbal Medicine: Exploring the Benefits and Uses

Power of Herbal Medicine

We will delve into the world of herbal medicine, exploring its rich history, highlighting the numerous benefits of herbs, and uncovering the various ways in which they can be utilized to support our health.

Eating More Essential Probiotics: How Do You Do It?

Eating More Essential Probiotics How Do You Do It

Probiotics support healthy guts and treat some digestive problems. They are microorganisms, both bacteria and yeast but they aren’t harmful to you when inhabited in their normal flora. Advances in science has proven probiotics to actually be of great importance to treatment of digestive problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Some scientific papers … Read more

Who is a Medical Herbalist (Dr. MH), and what does he or she do?

Who is a Medical Herbalist - HerbalGH

A Medical Herbalist (M.H) is a well-trained and licensed healthcare professional who has the ability to arrive at a patient medical diagnosis based on the history of the patient, physical examination, and presenting condition, analyzing them through syndrome differentiation, clinical investigations, and making a treatment plan based on validated herbal medicines.