Smoking-Induced DNA Mutations: A Gateway to Cancer Development

Smoking-Induced DNA Mutations A Gateway to Cancer Development

A study by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research reveals how smoking triggers cancer development. The research found that smoking initiates “stop-gain” mutations in the DNA, leading to the inhibition of protective proteins that regulate cell growth. This disruption allows abnormal cells to proliferate unchecked, potentially promoting cancer onset. The study also demonstrated a strong correlation between smoking duration, intensity, and mutation occurrence. These findings improve understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying smoking-induced cancer.

Concerns and Benefits Surrounding Teens’ Internet Use Explored in New Study

Concerns and Benefits Surrounding Teens' Internet Use Explored in New Study

A recent survey of American parents reveals a significant worry about their teenagers’ internet use. The study, involving about 1,000 moms and dads, illustrates concerns around cyberbullying, exposure to harmful content, and the potential for addiction due to excessive internet use among adolescents.

Serendipitous Discovery Offers Hope in Malaria Battle

Scientists are researching ways of preventing mosquitoes

In a fortunate twist of fate, scientists have stumbled upon a naturally occurring strain of bacteria that could potentially halt the transmission of malaria from mosquitoes to humans. The breakthrough came when a colony of mosquitoes in an experiment unexpectedly did not develop the malaria parasite.