Indications of Infertility

Indications of Fertility Challenges

How Prevalent is Infertility? While some individuals effortlessly embark on the journey to parenthood, others encounter hurdles. Infertility is a relatively common issue, affecting approximately 12% to 15% of people, with 1 in 8 heterosexual couples experiencing its impact. Identifying signs of infertility is crucial, prompting a visit to the doctor for further evaluation. Attempting … Read more

Boost Your Fertility: Ovulation, Pregnancy

Boost Your Fertility: Ovulation, Pregnancy

Comprehending your menstrual cycle is pivotal for those aiming to boost their chances of conception. Initiating with the onset of menstrual bleeding, the menstrual cycle orchestrates the maturation of eggs within ovarian follicles. From the 2nd to the 14th day, hormones prompt the uterine lining to thicken, preparing for the potential implantation of a fertilized … Read more

Choosing Your Birth Control Method

Choosing Your Birth Control Method

Selecting a suitable contraception method can be a daunting task with the multitude of options available today, ranging from birth control pills to implants. To ease this decision-making process, it is helpful to address some fundamental questions: While abstinence remains the only 100% effective method, other approaches can be nearly as effective when used correctly. … Read more

Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Am I Pregnant?

Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Am I Pregnant

Discovering whether you are pregnant can be a pivotal moment, and recognizing early pregnancy symptoms is crucial. This article delves into the various signs and symptoms, the reliability of home pregnancy tests, and details about both early and later stages of pregnancy. Early Pregnancy Symptoms The onset of early pregnancy symptoms can vary among women, … Read more

Understanding Late Periods and Early Signs of Pregnancy

If your period is late, it’s natural to wonder if you might be pregnant. The days can seem to drag on as you wait for answers. But how late should your period be before you take a pregnancy test, and what do “missed period” and other early pregnancy symptoms really mean?

Nurturing Life’s Beginning: A Guide to Preconception Health, Fertility Awareness, and Sexual Well-being During Pregnancy

Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful and profound journey, one that begins even before conception. Preparing for pregnancy involves not only a healthy body but also a nurturing environment for both parents. This article delves into the realms of preconception health, understanding fertility cycles, and maintaining sexual well-being during pregnancy.

Birth Control: Contraception Options You Need To Know

It is a well established fact that any woman who indulges in sex with a man, risks the possibility of getting pregnant. However, not everyone wants to get pregnant so in order to prevent such accidents, you must adopt one of the many forms of birth control. What to know about birth control Although abstinence … Read more

FDA Approves Zuranolone, First Oral Pill for Postpartum Depression in the US

Postpartum Depression Drug - Zuranolone

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for the medication zuranolone to treat postpartum depression, making it the first FDA-approved oral pill for this specific condition in the United States. Postpartum depression is a serious mental illness that can affect about 1 in 7 new mothers after childbirth.

United States FDA Approves AI Ultrasound Technology to Revolutionize Prenatal Care and Improve Health Outcomes

Ultrasound Technology

Artificial intelligence-driven ultrasounds are on the cusp of revolutionizing routine prenatal care as Sonio Detect, an AI-powered ultrasound scanning technology, becomes the first of its kind to receive FDA approval.