What Are the Symptoms of Lead Poisoning In Children?

There has been a recent surge in lead poisoning occurrences, with about twenty children reported to have been sick from lead contamination after consuming recalled cinnamon-containing apple sauce products. According to statistics released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 22 children aged between 1 to 3 years have suffered from high blood lead … Read more

5 Features on iPhone, And Apple Watch Useful for People with Diabetes

Apple has announced five features on the iPhone and Apple Watch that could healthily support people living with diabetes and they include Activity, Cycle Tracking, Sleep, Medical ID, and third-party apps. These features enable diabetics to outrun challenges they face like the requirement to always monitor blood sugar levels, the need to always be consistent … Read more

CVD-21: A novel instrument for predicting and monitoring cardiovascular disease

Scientists at Uppsala University have invented a new blood test technology; CDV-21 that currently defy all odds by making possible simultaneous measuring of 21 biomarkers for cardiovascular disease. Aside the major possibilities presented by this new instrument, it is also recorded to have great precision. According to the scientific paper which was published in journal … Read more

Blood Test For Alzheimer’s Disease? New Research Finds

Alzheimer's disease

A new study published in Neuroscience 2023 hints of scientific pursuit into new methods that could help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages. According the published article, proteins linked to mild brain impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease have been detected a blood-based test. What is fascinating about the blood test? Although the research abstract has … Read more

Must-Know Myths and Facts About Gluten

Gluten-containing foods have been established by experts as beneficial to human health, however it is feared that sensitivity or allergic reactions towards them by some individuals may trigger them to not eat it at all. Gluten-sensitivity( NCGS) could be a symptom of celiac disease – which is often characterized by abdominal pain, constipation, weight loss, … Read more

Getting Deep Sleep May Protect Against Dementia

A new study has found that even the slightest reduction in sound sleep for adults may increase their risk for dementia. The paper which was published in the JAMA Neurology journal has highlighted the significance of a good night’s rest on brain health and better cognition. It stated categorically that there is a 27 percent … Read more

New lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Include Heavy Smokers Who Quit Long Ago

Lung cancer

Although lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer associated deaths, only a small population of people at high risk for lung cancer are getting screened for the health condition. However, there seem to be a sign of goodwill as the new American Cancer Society stipulations now allows room for millions more to have regular … Read more

Intermittent Fasting Beats Dieting for Weight Loss In Treating Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

A new study is suggesting that intermittent fasting is a good alternative compared to traditional dieting for people with type 2 diabetes. Thus according to Krista Varady, PhD, the author of the research paper; patients living with type 2 diabetes lost about 25 percent more weight by eating any food, but only within an eight-hour … Read more