Nuts And Seeds For Defense

Many people assume the taste of nuts and seeds is blah and hence do not maximally consume them. However, major scientists like Dr. Troll, professor of environmental medicine at the New York University believe nuts and seeds provide something better beyond their awful taste.

According to him, protease inhibitors, molecules that are known to help prevent cancer, are abundant in nuts and seeds.

The professor insists that, these proteases attack cancer cells by interfering with the activity of body functionaries like enzymatic and oncogenic activities.

Earlier, protease inhibitors present in nuts and seeds had only been attributed to the survival of these plant species by making them indestructible when eaten by birds and insects but with current scientific experimentations, the narrative has changed.

Foods like legumes, soybeans, chick peas have been recorded as nuts with highest concentration of protease inhibitors. Other foods like beans, peas, lentils, mung beans, peanuts, walnuts,tofu,black-eyed peas,Lima beans and pecans are also rich sources of these protease inhibitors

What are the significance of protease inhibitors?

Protection against viral diseases

Protease inhibitors mount optimal defenses against infections from viral sources. Protease inhibitors suppress the ability of protease enzymes to activate viruses thereby making them inactive and non-dangerous to humans.

It has also been noted that, the inhibitors prevent viruses from shedding their outer protein coats hence prevents them from invading cells. For example, researchers at the John Hopkins University have proved that protease inhibitors are able to control retroviruses that cause diarrhea and general gastrointestinal illness.

Again, natural sources of protease inhibitors like nuts and beans have been proven as better antiviral agents compared with current antiviral drugs because they are safer for consumption with minimal side effects.

Protection against various classes of cancer

It has also been established that, protease inhibitors in soybeans retard the growth of human breast and colon cancer as well as oral cancer. According to cancer researchers, they have kaleidoscopic anticancer activity and also act as antioxidants that counteract destructive and super-charged free radicals that damage cells.

Protection against cardiovascular diseases

Finally, protease inhibitors help reduce cardiovascular diseases by controlling blood clots. And since many of these protease inhibitors survive cooking and processing, they’re ideal for your everyday meals.

The various benefits of nuts and seeds which have been stated in this article is purposed to give you formidable reasons why you should consider consuming nuts and seeds for better health promotion.

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