Corticosteroid Medications

Corticosteroid Medications

Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones, either naturally produced by the body or synthetically created. They play vital roles in regulating inflammation, immunity, and various metabolic processes. These medications can be systemic, meaning they circulate throughout the body, or localized for specific applications like the eyes, ears, or skin. Types and Functions of Corticosteroids … Read more

Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Spine Pain)

Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Spine Pain)

Lower Back Pain Lower back pain, also known as lumbar spine pain, demands an appreciation of the intricate anatomy in this region. Essential structures contributing to symptoms include the lumbar spine, intervertebral discs, ligaments, spinal cord, nerves, muscles, pelvic and abdominal organs, and the skin covering the lumbar area. Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine The … Read more

What Foods Are High in Estrogen?

What Foods Are High in Estrogen

The food we consume plays a significant role in influencing our body’s hormone production, with some foods containing compounds that imitate or interact with hormones. Estrogen, a vital hormone, is found in various foods, impacting individuals differently based on their health conditions. This article explores foods high in estrogen, their potential benefits, associated risks, and … Read more

Bone Density Scans

Key Points about Bone Density Scans What is Osteoporosis? How Osteoporosis Occurs What is Bone Mineral Density (BMD)? Who Should Have BMD Testing? How BMD is Measured? The Importance of BMD Measurement What are other methods of measuring BMD? There are small DXA scanners called peripheral DXA machines. These machines often measure BMD at the … Read more

Indications of Infertility

Indications of Fertility Challenges

How Prevalent is Infertility? While some individuals effortlessly embark on the journey to parenthood, others encounter hurdles. Infertility is a relatively common issue, affecting approximately 12% to 15% of people, with 1 in 8 heterosexual couples experiencing its impact. Identifying signs of infertility is crucial, prompting a visit to the doctor for further evaluation. Attempting … Read more

Cholesterol Management: Lower, Treat, and Prevent High Cholesterol

Cholesterol Management Lower, Treat, and Prevent High Cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol, a crucial chemical compound, serves as a building block for cell membranes and essential hormones. While the liver produces a significant portion, dietary sources contribute the rest. This article delves into the types of cholesterol, their impact on health, and measures to maintain optimal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol Types: HDL vs. LDL … Read more

How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Eye Strain

How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Eye Strain

In our digitally-driven world, prolonged screen time has become inevitable. However, the increased use of digital devices brings with it the risk of digital eye strain, causing discomfort and potential long-term consequences for our eyes. This comprehensive guide provides expert tips on safeguarding your vision and mitigating the effects of digital eye strain. Digital Eye … Read more

WHO Seeks Clarity on Child ‘Pneumonia Clusters’ in China: Urges Protective Measures

WHO Seeks Clarity on Child 'Pneumonia Clusters' in China Urges Protective Measures

Amid reports of “clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia” affecting children in northern China, the World Health Organization (WHO) has formally requested more information from Chinese authorities. Non-state media has highlighted overwhelmed pediatric hospitals in certain regions, prompting concerns.