Herbal Guide To Cures And Prevention : Volume 1

Thoreau once said “ A man may esteem himself when that which is his food is also his medicine ” and he told no lies.

Herbal remedies are simply the food and herbs we eat. The leisure we harness from these stuff normally comes in the form of satiation. No one really thinks of their food as their medicine, but it really is. Let’s have a deeper scope on that.

General infections

Yoghurt and garlic are considered as chief antibiotics. Also consumables like fresh orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, honey, wine, blueberries, cranberries,plums raspberries, peaches, figs and strawberries can thwart bacteria and viruses.

Medicine for Insomnia

To treat insomnia, it’s a sure bet to take in sugar or honey. You’re also advised to take in milk to have a long lasting sleep.

Migraine Headache

Oils in fish possess Omega-3 fatty acids. They can prevent the onset and severity of migraines in some cases.


Fresh fruits and vegetables may cut the rush of stroke-associated death. Dietary compounds in fruits like black currants and blueberries help prevent disease of blood vessels in the brain.


Plantains especially large unripe and green ones can combat ulcer. Also, whole milk, yoghurt and fresh cabbage juice contain drug-like components that may prevent, not heal ulcers.

Urinary Tract Problems

To sterilize your urine and prevent wild urinary tract infections, take in cranberries; their juice, cocktail or fruits. An effective dose of it can prevent cystitis. Also, Omega-3 type oils may prevent kidney diseases as much as rice bran.


Foods that produce slow and steady increases in blood sugar levels must be the choice. So you must concentrate on foods such as kidney beans, lentils, baked beans, and apples.


You should consume yoghurt if the diarrhea was predisposed by consuming prescription antibiotics such as penicillin. If not consume blueberries, black currants and honey( exclusively for adults).

For younger ones, whole milk may be the cure. You can however opt for soy milk or soy beans which are known to be fighters against diarrhea-producing bacteria.

Diverticular Disease

To treat diverticular diseases, you number one choice must be wheat bran. You can also consume other foods high in fibre as they give the stool bulk. Such foods are legumes, cabbage, carrots and apples.


Eat foods that produce a soft, bulky stool, reducing strain in bowel movement. For best results, eat wheat bran but you can also consider other fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre.

This articles provides a guide on how to manage health conditions and diseases using herbal remedies.

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