Food Compounds: Beyond The Vitamins And The Minerals

Our approach to eating food, has always been to get food nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But that is no longer enough as modern scientific investigations on food compounds are being explored every now and then.

Scientists have discovered minor dietary compounds like co-travellers, desmutagens, antimutagens, anticarcinogens in foods. This mile of achievement not only predicts a promising future but it is serving as a guide to finding more remedies to human diseases.

The quest for the composition of food is yielding new secrets about health and this is very important in promoting health and longevity.

Although the newly discovered food constituents are considered beneficial to human health, most have no nutritional value at all.

Thus, the mere absence of these food compounds would cause no jeopardy to your normal body regulations. However, these constituents can subtly and radically influence your body’s physiological mechanisms that are keys to living longer and healthy.

What are the benefits of food compounds

Food constituents actually cure diseases by preventing the deregulation of bodily tissues that eventually lead to chronic inflammations and diseases.

But again, no one would actually die from an allicin deficiency due to not eating garlic. In short, the presence of these food compounds are very crucial to human health but their unavailability holds no threat to the human body. And this makes their secrets more romantic to unravel.

Food compounds are also engaged in monumental warfare in our bodies. They interrupt processes that lead to the collection of cell disturbances.

Subsequently, they guard individual cells by cutting enemy organisms at biological passes, helping to fight off infections like cancer, arthritis, ulcers and heart diseases

Fun Facts About The Compounds

  • Food compounds are distinct from nutrients
  • They can help treat depression and fatigue
  • They possess separate nutritional and drug effects

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