WHO Unveils Innovative Online Hub for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) Tools

A groundbreaking initiative has been launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the form of an online repository dedicated to evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) tools. This novel platform is the first of its kind, spotlighting both internal and external tools that the WHO employs to facilitate knowledge translation. These tools are crucial for partner organizations involved in the entire spectrum of tasks, from planning and managing to monitoring and evaluating the process of evidence application and implementation.

WHO Evidence-Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) Tools
WHO Evidence-Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) Tools

The endeavor is a collaborative effort between the Evidence to Policy and Impact Unit of the Research for Health Department in the Science Division and the Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet). This repository of tools is intended to support EIDM capacity-sharing work, fortifying the efforts outlined in the WHO evidence ecosystem framework, a resource released the prior year in “Evidence, policy, impact: WHO guide for evidence-informed decision-making”. The framework primarily focuses on the policy/action cycle, elucidating the steps involved in evidence application within the EIDM context. This encompasses identifying priority areas, devising, propagating, and executing strategies to address these areas, and subsequently assessing, adapting, and maintaining any positive changes to ultimately enhance global health and ensure equitable outcomes.

The platform itself is designed for user-friendly navigation, enabling individuals to explore and access EIDM methods and tools that align with every stage of the policy/action cycle. Users can streamline their searches further through advanced filters that allow for categorization by document type, language, and publication date. The platform encompasses tools that span the clinical, public health, and health system domains.

The repository is presently home to 75 actively maintained tools, and this number is set to rise as new tools are continually integrated. The Evidence to Policy and Impact Unit is committed to consistently expanding the repository’s content by undertaking thorough scoping literature reviews and other relevant procedures. As part of their comprehensive capacity-sharing initiatives, both EVIPNet and the Evidence to Policy and Impact Unit plan to seamlessly integrate this online repository of EIDM tools.

The overarching goal of EIDM and the EVIPNet’s work is to provide robust support to WHO staff and Member States in adopting systematic, transparent, and rigorous methods for generating and applying research evidence in their daily operations. By doing so, WHO is better equipped to fulfill its commitment outlined in the General Programme of Work (GPW) 13, which centers on translating WHO-produced knowledge into effective action to achieve the ambitious “Triple Billion” targets: extending universal health coverage to an additional billion people, safeguarding a billion more people from health emergencies, and ensuring improved health and well-being for another billion people.

For those seeking further information about the online repository of EIDM tools, please contact WHO at eidm@who.int.

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