Unexplained Illness Strikes Eregi Girls School in Kenya

In another concerning incident affecting girls’ schools in Kakamega, a mysterious disease has emerged, leading to the hospitalization of over 50 students across various health facilities in the county.

Eregi Girls Secondary School, located in Ikolomani, has reported at least 62 cases of students admitted to medical facilities, including Kakamega County General Hospital (KCGH), Iguhu, and Shibwe sub-county hospitals. These students have developed a condition characterized by limb paralysis, a deeply distressing situation for all involved.

Of the affected individuals, more than 30 students have been admitted to KCGH, 20 to Shibwe, and an additional 12 to Iguhu Level Four Hospital. These admissions occurred on Monday evening, adding to the urgency and concern surrounding this outbreak.

This disconcerting incident follows a similar one at Mukumu Girls High School in April of this year, where two students and a teacher tragically lost their lives due to a mysterious disease. That outbreak resulted in over 500 students being hospitalized, underscoring the gravity of such occurrences.

While the authorities are yet to make an official statement, a nurse at KCGH, speaking anonymously, shared preliminary findings. According to the nurse, initial tests on the affected Eregi students pointed toward a condition known as “electrolyte imbalance,” which can lead to the loss of bodily fluids. Electrolyte imbalance can be triggered by factors such as severe diarrhea or excessive sweating.

As the situation unfolds, there is growing concern about the potential for more students to be affected, especially given the strain this outbreak has placed on local health facilities. Health officials from both the county government and the Ministry of Health are expected to address this mysterious disease on Tuesday, October 3rd. Their insights and guidance are eagerly awaited as the community seeks answers and solutions to this alarming health crisis.

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