Egypt’s Ministry of Health Provides 7.1 Million Free Medical Treatments (2021-2023)

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population recently announced the provision of 7.1 million cost-free medical treatments to citizens from November 2021 to October 2023, totaling EGP 32.5 billion in expenses.

These services were offered to approximately 3.2 million citizens, encompassing various medical specialties, such as hematology, oncology, surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, among others, emphasizing the ministry’s goal to deliver comprehensive health services to citizens, especially those in need, at the state’s expense.

Treatment was conducted at ministry-affiliated hospitals nationwide, in collaboration with university hospitals, private medical facilities, and charitable organizations. Dr. Mohamed Zeidan, the Director of the General Directorate for Specialized Medical Councils, highlighted partnerships with various private entities, such as the Scientific Association for Cancer Patients Care in Fayoum and the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, to support this initiative.

Zeidan pointed out that the waiting time for treatments was expedited, aiming for a maximum wait of one week for general cases and 48 hours for emergency situations.

Digitalization played a pivotal role in administering these treatments. Approvals were electronically issued, and patients were notified through text messages. Additionally, an official website was established through the health ministry’s electronic portal, accessible using a patient’s national ID number, enabling inquiries about treatment decisions.

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