Egypt’s Hosting of World Population Conference: Showcasing Progress in the Health Sector

Egyptian lawmakers have lauded the hosting of the World Conference on Population in Egypt, considering it a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate Egypt’s advancements in the health sector.

Representative Amr Hendi, a member of the House of Representatives, expressed his appreciation for hosting the World Conference on Population, Health, and Development, which took place on Tuesday, 29th August under the patronage and presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. He emphasized that this event underscores the Egyptian state’s commitment to population development.

The population issue is of paramount importance, addressing challenges, and harnessing human capital for the realization of Egypt’s 2030 vision for progress and development.

Representative Amr Hendi elaborated: “It is anticipated that the conference will yield a significant set of recommendations and decisions aimed at enhancing the quality of life for Egyptian citizens through a focus on healthcare and social welfare.”

He further noted that the conference would showcase cutting-edge technologies in population, health, and development fields, along with discussions on strategies to overcome obstacles to achieving social justice.

This House of Representatives member commended the conference’s agenda, which includes the unveiling of Egypt’s National Population Strategy and General Health Strategy. He explained that the conference encompasses 65 dialogue sessions featuring 270 Egyptian and international speakers. Additionally, the Egyptian Fellowship Scientific Program will actively contribute with 14 workshops and 33 sessions, engaging 125 experts across 31 different disciplines.

Dr. Mohamed Selim, another member of the House of Representatives and a member of the Parliament’s General Committee, regarded Egypt’s role as host for the World Conference on Population, Health, and Development as “a unique opportunity for the international community to witness the remarkable strides Egypt has made in the healthcare sector.”

The conference’s agenda features comprehensive scientific programs, dialogues, and sessions, comprising 65 dialogue sessions with participation from 270 Egyptian and international experts. Furthermore, the Egyptian Fellowship Scientific Program will actively participate, conducting 14 workshops and 33 sessions, featuring contributions from 125 experts spanning 31 specialized fields.

Source: EgyptToday

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