8 Strategies to Cultivate Positive Body Image

The desire to think like a “thin” person often stems from societal beauty standards, but adopting a healthy mindset is about much more than appearance. You don’t need to wait until you reach your weight goals to change the way you think about yourself and your body. In this article, we’ll explore eight powerful strategies to help you reset your mindset and cultivate a more positive body image, regardless of your current weight.

Practice Pretending

Pretending can be a powerful tool for change. Just as public speakers pretend to be confident until it becomes natural, you can do the same with thinking positively about your body. Act as if you already possess the mindset you desire, and gradually, it will become a part of you.

Restructure Your Thoughts

Instead of viewing weight loss or exercise as punishment, reframe them as acts of self-care and self-love. Understand that losing weight isn’t just about appearance but also about enhancing your overall health and well-being.

Reason with Your Emotions

Learn to differentiate between your thoughts and reality. Just because you believe something about your body doesn’t make it true. Challenge negative thoughts by asking yourself if they align with reality. This practice can lead to a more positive perception of yourself.

Set Short-Term Goals

Breaking down your weight loss journey into smaller, achievable goals can help you think of yourself as making progress. Instead of fixating on a distant end goal, focus on weekly or monthly milestones to reinforce a sense of accomplishment.

Journal Your Journey

Keeping a journal can be therapeutic. Write about your feelings, eating habits, and progress. Journaling allows you to express your emotions and track your development, helping you maintain a positive perspective on your journey.

Remember Your Wholeness

You are more than your weight. Don’t define yourself solely by your appearance. Acknowledge your accomplishments, skills, and interests. Embrace your full identity and appreciate the multifaceted person you are beyond your physical self.

Seek Healthy Stress Coping Mechanisms

Food should not be your only coping mechanism for stress. Create a list of alternative activities that bring you joy and relaxation, such as reading, hiking, or practicing mindfulness. By diversifying your stress relief options, you’ll avoid over-reliance on food.

Visualize Positive Choices

Anticipate challenging situations and visualize yourself making healthy choices. This proactive approach can help you avoid impulsive decisions, especially concerning food. For example, envision yourself ordering a nutritious meal when dining out with friends, aligning your actions with your desired mindset.


Thinking positively about your body is an ongoing journey that doesn’t depend on reaching a particular weight. Embrace these eight strategies to cultivate a more positive body image, focusing on health, self-compassion, and holistic well-being. Remember, it’s not about thinking “thin”; it’s about thinking positively about yourself and your body.

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