Sugar Detox Challenge- 7 Day Meal Plan

Added sugar contains a whole bunch of calories with NO essential nutrients. It’s present in so many processed foods that it’s almost impossible to get away from it. In order to live healthy and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, improve your energy levels, have better skin and hair, it’s important to stay away from it as much as you can.

In this article, we present you 7-day diet plan that covers all the meals, including snacks. It’s very hard to follow this plan exactly as it is, because your organism is still addicted to sugar but it’s worth a try!


Breakfast: 2-3 eggs with spinach and some full-fat cheese

Snack: Blueberries

Lunch: Tuna with a big bowl of green salad of your choice

Dinner: Leftovers or Stuffed chicken with a cucumber salad and feta cheese


Breakfast: Avocado smoothie (1 avocado, 1 banana, coconut milk, some spinach of kale, a bit of vanilla extract)

Snack: Almonds and blueberries

Lunch: Chicken with sweet peppers and spinach

Dinner: Smoked Salmon with a salad of your choice


Breakfast: Veggie omelet

Snack: Butter-coffee

Lunch: Turkey lettuce wraps with plenty of veggies

Dinner: Chicken soup and a big bowl veggie salad and tuna leftovers


Breakfast: 2-3 hard-boiled eggs with tomato salad

Snack: Macadamias

Lunch: Grilled chicken with herbs and a green salad of your choice

Dinner: Baked sweet potato with some chicken leftovers and a salad


Breakfast: Avocado smoothie

Snack: Almonds and blueberries

Lunch: Steak or grilled chicken with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers, with a bit of olive oil and vinegar

Dinner: Veggie stirfry


Breakfast: 2-3 eggs with mushrooms and some full-fat cheese

Snack: ½ Avocado

Lunch: Tuna with a big bowl of veggie salad of your choice

Dinner: Chicken lettuce wraps


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach

Snack: Butter-coffee

Lunch: Smoked salmon and a green salad

Dinner: Zucchini noodles and tuna with some full-fat cheese

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